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Andrea Lane Jacobs is a storyteller, artist, adventurer, and aspiring ultra-marathon runner. She is committed to discovering and sharing the beauty of and advocating for the preservation of wild spaces through her words and art. She is passionate about finding freedom in facing her fears and encouraging other women to stay wild.

She is currently studying natural resources, adventure leadership, and visual arts at Oregon State University.

As her six-year-old daughter once said, she is 'a lot of things for a girl.'

Andrea and her family live full time in a school bus named Judy and like to travel, both of which she documents through photos, short films, and the magic of the written word.

"I don't know how to be both a woman and wild, both motherly and like a molten sunrise - but I swear to you that I will find out. I am a woman, but I don't want to cross my legs and fold my hands. I want to place my feet in the stirrups of the glorious sun and ride it into a new dawn, where I can finally be everything that I am all at once."
- J. A. D. S.